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Tosol A-40

Tosol A-40 provides long-term anti-corrosion protection of all metals, including aluminum, copper and various alloys, is non-corrosive to rubber and plastic parts.

It is designed for operation without replacement and addition of any additives for 60 000 km or for 2 years.

Cooling liquid Tosol has increased anti-corrosion properties and reduces the likelihood of precipitation in the cooling system.

Tosol A-40 consists of components that ensure the stability of all performance characteristics and meet the highest requirements for modern cooling fluids.

Temperature Range


Available packing

5l, 10l, 20l, 200l


  • high thermal capacity and conductivity

  • Proper engine cooling

  • Low crystallization and freezing point

  • high boiling and vaporizing point (normal engine performance in summer)

  • Minimal foaming

  • No trend to form deposits in the cooling system

  • Inactivity to rubber tubes, sealers and polymers

  • Preservation of physical and mechanical properties during performance and storage


Density at 20 °C, g / cm³1.060
Corrosion impact on metals, g/m2 daySustains
Solidification point, °C-39
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