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Transmission oil Nigrol w

Transmission oil Nigrol is used as a working fluid for lubricating reducers, lightly loaded components of industrial equipment, open gears, planetary gears of cranes, excavators, gears and transmission units of industrial equipment, tractors, agricultural and road construction machines, building machinery.

For use in winter.


SAE 90

Temperature Range


Available packing

4.5 kg, 9 kg, 18 kg, 180 kg


  • Nigrol contains detergent, antioxidant, antiwear additives

  • Effective lubrication of transmission parts while operating with heavy loads

  • Lifetime increase of transmission parts

  • Reliable protection of engine parts from wearing and carbonizing


Kinematic viscosity at 100 °C, mm2/s20
Flash point in an open crucible, ˚С150
Congelation point, ˚С-20
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