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Motor oil M-10G2K

Motor oil M-10G2K is produced on the basis of mineral oils of high quality and a full set of additives, which guarantee high efficiency and good performance at high or low temperatures.

Motor oil M-10G2k differs from oils M-8G2 and M-10G2 only by significantly more effective additive compositions, that make the increase of the oil change terms possible.

The high degree of doping of the G2 group oils allows them to be used in more severe conditions, where high thermal stability, better antioxidant, detergent, neutralizing and anti-wear properties are required.


SAE 30

Temperature Range


Available packing

5l, 10l, 20l, 200l


  • Prevention of carbonizing, effective anti-corrosion protection of components

  • Strict requirements to neutralizing and detergent properties

  • Good thermal stability and anti-wear properties

  • Ability to neutralize acids, that emerge during operation process

  • Low sedimentation

  • High thermal oxidation stability

  • Improved thermal stability

  • Prolonged operation period and reliability of machinery


Kinematic viscosity at 100 °C, mm2/s11.16
Density at 20 °C, kg / m³887
Viscosity index95
Base number, mg КОH/g6.6
Flash point in an open crucible, ˚С234
Congelation point, ˚С-18
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