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Railway grease TU

Rail Grease TU is designed for use in friction units with rolling bearings of locomotives, diesel trains, motor-car rolling stock, in the bearings of traction motors.

TU Greases are consumed in the bays of railway locomotives equipped with rolling bearings. In addition, it is used in all friction units with rolling bearings installed on locomotives and motor-car rolling stock of railways. In particular, it is successfully used in bearings of traction motors. ЖРО lubrication works all-season and provides a long run. Without replacement and replenishment provides 400000 km of run of electric and diesel locomotives.



Temperature Range


Available packing

17 Kg, 170 Kg


  • Extrapressure and antioxidant addictives

  • High antioxidant and protective properties, especially at high loads

  • High efficiency at low temperatures

  • Long-term period of inter-operational replacement


Effective viscosity at 30 °C1750
Shear strength at 50 °C810
Drop point, not lower than, °C202
Colloidal stability, %9.5
Evaporation at 100 °C per 1 hour1.2
Penetration at 25 ° C with stirring, mm × 10-1230
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