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Litol-24 is an antifriction multi-purpose waterproof grease with good protective properties. It is widely used for lubrication of friction units of industrial equipment, wheeled and caterpillar vehicles, ship mechanisms of various purposes. It can also be used in electric machines, agricultural, road-building, mining equipment.

Litol-24 is produced from a thickened mixture of petroleum oils with lithium soap 12-hydroxy stearic acid with the addition of a viscosity modifier and antifriction additive.

In all cases Litol-24 can be a substitute for general purpose lubricants, and in most friction units it is a substitute for general purpose greases for elevated temperatures.



Temperature Range


Available packing

4.5 kg, 9 kg, 17 Kg, 170 Kg


  • Good corrosion-preventive properties

  • Applicable in closed couplings

  • High drop point

  • excellent water resistance

  • High ultimate strength

  • Low evaporation of dispersing medium

  • Reliable performance in the wide range of speeds, loads and temperatures

  • Good mechanical, chemical, colloidal stability


Drop point, °C198
Penetration at 25 ° C with stirring, mm × 10-1220
Colloidal stability, %8
Ultimate strength at 20 °C, Pa700
Evaporation at 120 °C, %3.0
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