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Antifriction grease 1-13

Antifriction grease 1-13 is a universal antifriction sodium-calcium grease for lubricating bearings of various types, hinges, screw and chain gears, low-speed reducers, friction units of industrial mechanisms, vehicles, agricultural machinery and hand tools.

The service life of grease in bearings is large enough. In bearings of electric motors it is replaced every three years. The supply of grease to the friction units is carried out both with the help of superchargers, and in a mortar way.

Antifriction grease 1-13 is a general purpose lubricant made from a mixture of low and medium viscosity petroleum oils, thickened with sodium soap of castor oil fatty acids; Contains a little calcium soap of the same fatty acids.


NLGI 3/4

Temperature Range


Available packing

17 Kg, 170 Kg


  • Balanced formulation

  • High quality raw materials

  • Long-term service life

  • High pumpability at low temperatures


Effective viscosity at 0 °C350
Shear strength at 50 °C300
Drop point, °C>145
Colloidal stability, %10
Evaporation at 100 °C per 1 hour0.8
Penetration at 25 ° C with stirring, mm × 10-1220
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