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Graphite grease

Graphite grease is produced from petroleum oils of medium viscosity thickened with hydrated calcium soap of vegetable and animal fatty acids, with the addition of graphite, which acts as a solid lubricant.

Graphite grease is designed for lubrication of rough heavy-loaded mechanisms (open gear gears, threaded joints, lead screws, jacks, springs, etc.). It is allowed to apply the lubricant at temperatures below -20 ° C in springs and other similar devices.



Temperature Range


Available packing

17 Kg, 170 Kg


  • Good adhesion

  • Good antiwear and extrapressure properties

  • Protects from water and dust contamination

  • Resistance to hydrowash

  • Successfully applicable in heavy operating conditions

  • Reliable corrosion protection of metal surfaces under heavy loads

  • High friction coefficient due to presence of solid particles


Ultimate strenghth at 20 °C, Pa500
Drop point, not lower than, °C81
Penetration at 25 ° C with stirring, mm × 10-1265
Colloidal stability, %4
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